I will tell anyone who will listen that Kurosawa was the best director there ever was (making only one not great film). Most of Hollywood is indebted to him on some level. So imagine my delight that Belgian filmmaker Nicolas Provost created this mesmerising, reflective montage of Kurosawa’s work, called Papillon d’Armour (Butterfly of Love), which won an honourable […]

Flatlife is a comical animation from Belgian filmmaker Jonas Geirnaert. We are given a side view of four rooms that divide up the screen equally and watch as an action in one room has an effect on another. There is also a constant flow between the different flats. Flatlife was nominated for the Palme d’Or and won the separate Jury Prize for best shot […]

Usually known by its original title (Tanghi Argentini), Argentine Tangos is a beautiful Christmas short film from Belgian filmmaker Guy Thys. It was deservedly nominated for the Best Short Oscar as well as winning the Best Foreign Short at the prestigious LA Shorts Fest. Full of the Christmas spirit, Argentine Tangos is a comedy drama that follows a middle-aged office-worker’s attempt to fulfil his […]