Validation is a fabulous romantic comedy that could rightly be placed in the romance or comedy sections. Written and directed by American filmmaker Kurt Kuenne, it is a modern-day fable about a guy who is validating parking tickets but also validating the customers by giving them compliments. He likes to see people smile but the one girl he wants to make smile […]

Sintel is a fantasy animation film by American visual effects artist Colin Levy, created on the open source 3D animation software, Blender. Sintel closely resembles a well-liked style of Japanese (Anime) computer animation. It is the story of a young girl on an all-consuming quest to save the pet dragon stolen from her – and exact her revenge no matter how long it takes. […]

Cooped, a fantastic hand-drawn animation, won the Best Short Animation award in the 10th FILMSdesireCompetition. Written and directed by American filmmaker Mike A Smith, Cooped is a comic short animation that tells the story of a poor dog who is cooped up all day while his master is at work. The hound can see the amazing world of squirrels and tennis […]

Written by Jeff Wolverton and directed by Eric Armstrong, both Americans, The Chubbchubbs! was the first short animation film produced by Sony PIctures Imageworks (SPI) and it won the makers the Best Short Animation Oscar in 2003. It helped positiion SPI as both a special effects company and an animation studio (now Sony Pictures Animation) but its feature films, inlcuding the Open Season series […]

The New Tenants by Joachim Back won the Academy Award for Best Short Film in 2010. It was written by Anders Thomas Jensen (The Duchess), who also wrote the Oscar winning short film Election Night. The New Tenants are a gay couple who have moved into an apartment after the previous tenant was murdered. However, the new tenants have only been […]

Written and directed by American filmmaker Po Chan, who has been a returning judge on the FILMSdesirecompetition for several years now, The Last 3 Minutes is an unashamedly tear-jerking flashback through a dying man’s life. With Hollywood cinematographer Shane Hurlbut behind the camera, every shot is lovingly crafted and there are some beautiful American landscapes. Shot in 2010, Chan and Hurlbut […]

Speed Dating is a brilliant romantic comedy written by, and starring, Brian Beery, and directed by Isaac Feder. In this American short film we find Greg, who has recently broken up with his long-term girlfriend, trying a speed dating evening. He is confronted with a series of comically incompatible women until he meets one woman […]